Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018

As with every year there are changes to Medicare Advantage plans in 2018. Did your plan leave your area? Are your providers still within your network?

Comparing plans and costs for Medicare Advantage plans 2018 is a must to be sure you still have the best coverage to fit your needs. There are several options for those that sign up for Medicare. If you want Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018, you have to sign up for traditional Medicare first.

Everyone starts with the basic plan. Supplementary plans, such as Medigap plans can be added later, as can Medicare Advantage plans in 2018. Let’s look at what Medicare Advantage plans offer in contrast to traditional Medicare.


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The basic Medicare plan includes Medicare Part A and Part B. All those subscribed to the plan pay the basic rate, regardless of their location. It’s a standard plan that works the same for everyone. It also is accepted in most places. Additional benefits, like Part D coverage for prescription drugs, are optional and will cost more.


Compare Medicare Advantage Plans 2018

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Medicare Advantage plans are very similar, but they differ from the conventional plan in a few important ways. They do include parts A and B and may include Part D as well. The Advantage plans will vary between providers, and not every provider will have an advantage plan, though most have at least one to choose from.

These plans are all offered through HMOs or PPOs, which are essentially networks that work with or partner with the providers. What that means for subscribers is that they have to receive their care at one of the healthcare facilities associated with or partnered with the provider. Otherwise, they won’t receive the coverage according to their plan.

The coverage benefits for Medicare Advantage Plans in 2018 may change from what they were in previous years. Those changes are up to the individual providers and their networks. Unlike Medigap plans or traditional Medicare, benefits are not controlled by the Medicare organization. That is something Medicare subscribers and potential Medicare subscribers need to be aware of.


Medicare Advantage 2018



Rates may change as well, so those looking to get an Advantage Plan should be checking back on the prices before they settle on one. Most providers are going to change their rates about once a year, but they all change their rates at different time, which is why it is so important to keep checking back.

Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018

Advantage plans do cost more than traditional Medicare. That’s because they are required to offer at least the basics of Medicare coverage, and they usually offer more than that. There is usually a monthly premium to pay on top of the premium for Medicare Part B. But many of these Advantage plans come with lower co-pays for many of the parts of Medicare.

Medicare Advantage Plans 2018Not everyone is going to need an Advantage plan, nor will everyone benefit from such a plan. It all depends on what your medical needs are and how well basic Medicare covers you for them. Medicare subscribers or anyone looking into Medicare Advantage plans for 2018 should also be careful about the plan and network they choose. They might end up with a network that doesn’t have a partnering healthcare facility anywhere in the subscriber’s area.

Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018 can be a help to those who need some extra coverage, but they need to be approached with some care.


 Medicare Advantage Plans and Rates for 2018

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